State of Grace (Album Version)

Patti Scialfa

Check your time plan station master
And bless the 3:45
She's rolling fast and free
And don't she look just like me
Spitting off smoke
And all empty inside
I left my baby down
On a city street
Our love
Followed the course of the sun
It rose above the city skyline
And sunk
Behind the turnpike oil drums, well

Come on now mister conductor
Come on and seal my fate
I was raised to find my way
Now I'm going to find
My state of grace

So I went walking down
The edges of the city
To the iron lady
And the holy land
With no English my family came
And money left a stain
On their foreign hands
I don't know how some people do it
They just walk away and they
Don't look back
Under a river
In a cold mud tunnel
My grandfather's ghost's still
Slamming the jack, well


Last night
I had a dream of forgiveness
We were walking on
Some sacred ground
And a light fell
Ffrom heaven with a promise
That all lost things
Are someday found, well


I'm going
To find my state of grace