What About Us

Patrick Nuo

(Verse 1)
If there was me still runnin' through your veins
Would you close your heart - would you put it in chains
Would you let me in - would you push me away

Same situation in a million years
Would we love again - would we end up in tears
Would I cry again about yesterday
Tell me

What about the dreams we shared?
What about this song you've never heard?
What about the promises we made?
What about every single day?
What about the love in you?
What about the girl that I once knew?
What about us dancin' in the light?
What about every single night?
What about us?
What about us?

(Verse 2)
If I saw you in a movie scene
Reachin' out for love and if I touched the screen would you look at me - would you remember my name?

Best lovin' actors: you and me
Could we turn it into our reality?
Or would I see us dyin' in your eyes again?
Tell me


What about love - faith - trust?
Why can't you tell me somethin' about
Me standin' in the rain
Still don't know who to blame
Will there be a chance again
to find a better end??