Patrick Nuo

You say you don’t wanna be another looser
And so far away from the pictures
Spinnin’ in your mind
Just look for a second over your shoulder
You will see the forgotten wishes
You already left behind

Don’t stop disbelievin’
In life when you’re feelin’
24/7 not what you ever tried to be
Don’t stop daydreamin’
It’s not self-deceivin’
Don’t stop kiddin’ when
Everybody’s so serious

You can be the one to save my day
If you stay unperfect
There’s no need to change your way
Don’t you ever forget
Your life’s what you make it
So don’t try to fake it
Hear what I say it’s ok
If you stay unperfect

They say: “try to become so very perfect”
But I don’t wanna miss one of your
Perfect mistakes
Don’t you wonder about everybody
Actin’ so damn right they never break the rules
They’ve made