Radio Sun

Patrick Nuo

She played me records that I've never heard
I've never heard before
And when she talks
She sounds like Andrea Corr
And I couldn't ignore what she said –
Tomorrow might be rainy again
But I guess it's just a secret S.O.S. she sent

She's my radio sun - my radio sun
No one else can see
She's my radio sun - my radio sun
She's playin' her lovesongs only for me
There's so much light inside her beautiful voice
My unreachable choice number one
She's my radio sun

I'm drivin' with my eyes closed listen to her
While she's tellin' the whole wide world
that she loves Blur – and I love her
She is no less than perfect on my mind
But I can hear a little pain behind her
Laughing tonight

I push the record button to
Save every word of
You sound so familiar like someone I once knew
What are you tryin' to tell me with that song –
Don't tell me
You play it for another one
You play it for another one
Cause you are my radio sun