17 Tragedy

Patrick Nuo

a boy-a girl
and a summer where it all began
we lived on love
and saltwater kisses in the rain
came fallin down on us
we never saw the sun again

she was my 17 tragedy
more than a bittersweet summerdream
tell me destiny could it be that
everybody needs a little
17 tragedy

we drove all night
knowin'it would never be the same
goodbye in your eyes
still wish I could see them smile again
since you left I can't forget
those days were never gone

with 17 in love you are
so close- so near
and much too far
wanna stay forever
in my heart 17

how I wish our time could come back
how I wish we didn't end so sad
how I wish we'd wish together
those days back here forever
come and get here next to me
and say you still wanna be 17