Where We Belong

Passion Pit

It's gotten cold in here, but asylum mournth draws near
And with a gentle touch of these burdens
And such fears all wiped clear

Who says you are to stay? How's this the easier way?
It's far from giving up, cowards never say enough, is enough

And then I'm lifted up, out of the cribs and all
The bad begins to drain and from the floor
He prays away all my pain

Who says that you insist? We can't see eye comes of this, but
Well, I believe in you, do you believe in me, too?
Came here all

All the things you can't control
Should never destroy your unwritten thoughts
I found a place, I found a place, I found a place where we belong

Never the other down, be easy either way is fly
Never did I have you think I got all the things I've got
'Cause I am keeping real when you know
This better knew your part
All I've ever wanted was to be able to make you proud