Make Light

Passion Pit

now we see,
comes burying
my burnt remains
these puddled clouds
oh i, i understand now
but darkness falls likes
shattered pieces
dangling, shimmering
torn and tattered yet crowned
oh, i’ll not be told
“no” to “no more!”
you must believe to hear me
sing these
messy morsels of my self-assuring love
oh its painful kneading
yes, i lie and i wrangle with
prospective angles
that glare me down and face me with all i do wrong
why do they all look like me?
so i try, and i scream and i beg and i sigh just to prove i’m alive
and it’s alright, cause tonight there’s a way i’ll make light
of my treacherous life, make light!
if i had hands i’d hold up high my
lofty dreams and my alibi’s real name
but i’ve no strength
so i toss and i turn and i spit in the urn
there’s a ghost in your eye
there is someone that knows more than I
but i’m quick to deny