Constant Conversations

Passion Pit

That you never leave
Ooo ohooo ooo, never
That you never would belive
That you never, never

[Verse 1]
Well you're wrapped up in a blanket
And you're staring at the floor
The conversation's moderated
By the noisy streets below
I never wanna hurt you baby
I'm just a mess with the name and the price
And now I'm drunker then before babe
Told me drinking doesn't make me nice

You never know where some people will go
Yes some people been hurting me
You can tell by the look, by the slightest crook
In the neck or a blink of an eye
Well then I'll say what they say
And I'll do what they do
But it doesn't mean a goddamn thing
You can listen if you want, you can listen if you don't
Get a talk, yell and even sing
Everybody now
Oo ooh ooo
The come sing into the window, sing into the chains
Yea they sing into the bright spring leaves
Everybody now
Ooo ooh ooo
Yeah I love you and I need you
But someday you're gonna need to find some other kind of place to go


[Verse 2]
Now you're standing in the kitchen
And you're pouring out a drink
There's a very obvious difference
And it's that one of us can think
If there is a bump in the road yeah you'd fix it
But for me I'll just go on off the road
But tonight you got me cornered
And I haven't got a place to go