Girl I can see you're stressed
Come lie on me for sex
Keep your thighs on line
Get it right tonight and turn me on
Ain't this what you need?
Nice to know what you want
Got the typical girl I'm gone
All my mind full of liquor
Tryna think all the reasons
Not to mind those niggers
Once inside bitch you gonna deny no no
Where you at?
Would you really wanna be that nigger
Just that she don't wanna see that little nigger
Let me justify why you and me
I'll be coming in the night
That's what you need

Girl let me run it straight
Let me down let me straight on

She could be a model
She is a model
She's modeled differently when I get this straight
Tease while I hit top grade
Tease while I hit top grade
Let me, let me get that A
Please let me get that tease
While you get sexy
I'm getting by till I saw you
Now ran into you
Promise more, fvck'em do it
Who do you? ...
Baby, don't hesitate
Don't do it
Girl let me run it straight
Let me demonstrate on you
Don't hesitate
Cause I won't hesitate on you
Don't hesitate baby girl
I just wanna make you feel good
Make you feel good