I Misjudged You


Just because you accepted
The moment that I asked you to be my girl
I didn't believe that you could fall in love at first sight
I didn't think that you were a very nice girl
But I was wrong
Oooh, I was wrong
I was wrong
I misjudged you

You didn't hesitate
Because you didn't want to wait
You didn't know if I would ever ask you again
You should have played hard
Right from the start
Cause I condemned you for being so extreme
But that was wrong
Ooh, that it was wrong
Ohh, it was wrong
I misjudged you

So now I'm begging
For the love I once denied
Darling, I'm sorry
Arrest these tears that are falling in my eyes

So if you give me one more chance
I promise I will never doubt you again
I want you to say each and every day
Remind me dear
Don't care where or when
That I wronged you
Oooh, I wronged you
I wronged you
I misjudged you
I misjudged you
I misjudged you
I misjudged you, girl