I Just Got Back


Hey I just got back from another world
It was way, way past another side
It was across the mountain
And through the seas
Past the moon, beyond all the things
That we've dreamed about

You never in your life seen such color
That glows like a twinkle in an eye
Like little things with bells that ring
And budding trees that summer brings back to life again

Whoa, I didn't want to leave
Cause I was having such a good time
But as we go through life
The good times, they seem to end

Wha whoa, wha whoa
Boba dibbidy dib dib dib dib
Bee dee dee da doh

I know I've been gone such such such a long long time
Then I thought about your kids and I changed my mind
I'm glad to come back and help raise your kids
Show you the way, the right way, I feel you gotta live
You'll find all the happiness that mama gave you
That you will have to kill
That's if, if you ever decide you ever want to live