Gut Symmetries

Parenthetical Girls

one score and five eyes wide
and blind now with fright
and your freckled pride bright white
in this merciless light

held tight to rise entwined
and i in recline
your thighs inside mine
i realize weve no time to hide

so what wondering eyes might pry
at the switch of this light
but much to my surprise the brightness subsides
before i catch sight

how can you approach those throes
in clothes your parents chose
as above so below
or so have i been told

and though my age may show
no more so than that rose sewn
in your underclothes
a joke a callow hope

and should you choose to stay
or if instead you stray
i pray that either way
this nape lain chain remains in place

one score and five eyes wide
and sick with this fright
white lies aside somehow surprised
that ive missed my time

and yet never you mind might my tide rise
a little behind
for between you and i id sooner die
than live with this kick inside