Agony is the price
That you'll pay in the end
Domination consumes you
Then calls you a friend
It's a twisted fall
Binds are like steel
And manipulates the will to be
And it's hard to see
How soon we forget
When there's nothing else
Left to destroy
It's a useless ploy

(pre) Your eyes will see
The dawn of the day
And the writing
On the wall
Those words that stare
Into your soul
And to yourself
You will befall

(chorus) It's domination pushed into living hell

A now blacked heart
Is reaching out in divinity
Body suspended by chains over razors
And nails it's a penalty
Each razor a vice and each nail
Marks the demise of you life.
Grim construction grows
Has life played a trick
Sealed you in brick by brick
Till your end forcing you to bend