Is it dark in your room?

Wonder if they come tonight
Something's taking out the lights
Better find a place to hide
Before the sun goes down and it's cold inside
I don't really know what's in these walls
Same house but it don't feel right
And I'm just holding on alone
While I tell myself that it's in my mind

I'm spending too much time
Lost and I can't find my way
Can you?

Is it dark in your room?
Are you afraid of it, too?
It's haunting us just
Living for tomorrow when it never comes
Being caught up in a permanent insomnia
Screaming in silence to anyone
Is it dark in your room?

Tell me was it there last night?
Did it leave you paralyzed?
Sending shivers down your spine
Did you tell yourself that it's in your mind?

Can you feel it creeping in your bed?
Held down when you try to leave
Fear it when you're home alone
With a world outside
Full of stranger things

I'm spending too much time
Knowing nothing's
Ever what it seems