Cold Heart (Warm Blood)


Didn't you tell me you would still care?
Didn't you tell me never be scared?
Didn't you tell me you would be home tonight?
I wanna hate you but it's too much
I wanna make you see what you've done
I wanna hear you sayin you'll make this right

Is it cold in your heart?
Are the strings getting twisted?
When I'm old
Are the memories of you
Or addiction?

Is there love strong enough?
Strong enough

What's in a promise you couldn't keep?
It's always something, talk is so cheap
Maybe I'd hear you if you were home tonight
I wanna hate you, tear you apart
Stitch you together but I know it's too hard
And I'm afraid to, so I just let it lie

You run
Try to escape your every chance just to turn it around
You're done
It's getting late, the party's dead and they're closing you out
So drink 'em up or hear me out