Vocalista da banda Huntress se suicidou nesta terça-feira

, 10h41, por Vanessa Vezenfati

A vocalista da banda americana Huntress, Jill Janus, morreu nesta terça-feira,14, aos 43 anos de idade.

A página oficial do grupo informou a morte da cantora e revelou que a causa foi suicídio.

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Segundo o comunicado, Jill sofria de doenças mentais há anos e já vinha falando sobre superar seus problemas como esquizofrenia, transtorno bipolar e alcoolismo, na tentativa de alertar outras pessoas que sofressem do problema. De acordo com uma postagem da cantora Lzzy Hale, que era uma grande amiga de Janus, ela lutava também contra o vício.

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Huntress é uma banda americana de heavy metal, fundada na Califórnia em 2009, o grupo lançou três álbuns.


It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to one of our peers. Jill Janus, has died today. Jill was very open about her struggles with mental health and addiction. Now, more than ever, spanning across Every age group, the suicide rate is extremely high. I’d like to take a moment to state again how important it is to talk about mental health, and remind all of you out there battling demons that you are not alone. I have to navigate my own dark labyrinth and I turn to music and writing for my lifeline. I want to encourage you to keep searching for Your lifeline, something that makes You happy. It doesn’t matter if no one gets it but you...that’s ok! We need to Stop trying to live up to expectations that society places in front of us to make us feel Unworthy of love, beauty and success. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others. We need to stop trying to be “normal”. And we need to stop being quiet about our mental wellbeing. Asking for help doesn’t mean your broken. And if you don’t know how to ask for help that’s ok too, those of us who have a shoulder will let you lean on it! We are All in this life together. For those of you with the ability to lend a hand or and ear. DO IT! We have a responsibility to help each other, cuz everything we say, do and touch affects the whole race. We are all connected. And I’d also like to address how careful We need to be with prescription medications that doctors and people that we trust give us to try to fix us. Some side effects of these meds rewire your brain, to where even if you wouldn’t normally have suicidal thoughts, your brain actually starts thinking that it is logical...all due to meds. Please be careful my loves! To Jill, My sister of scream, I hope wherever you are you have found the peace that you couldn’t here. My deepest sympathy’s go out to Jill’s Family and her band Huntress during this time.

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