Times Change

New Order

In a manger like Christ I lay.
Yellow fever, yellow hay.
Feel the rhythm, sweetest sound.
Making, breaking sacred ground.
I'd give you a piece of my love for free,
but whatever I say you'll never see.
Acquire a taste for a different sound.
Make a break this side of town.

Life will never be the same.
In Port-Royal town, I hear it coming.
The shaking of the ground,
they're stealing in the day.
In Port-Royal town, the children are running.

Ever strange the lives we lead,
so detached from the things we need.
Signs of greed in everyone.
Instant eviction and the blood on a gun.
Just when you think you've found it,
spinning world I want to spin around it.
What is wrong? This pain won't peel.
The fibres of my life won't heal.