New Order

I haven't time to sympathise,
with all this nonsense and your lies.
You are the king of nothing,
but you shall hold me.
You've got your finger on the pulse,
and in my pocket, yes of course.
I am the voice of treason,
but you betrayed me.

I used up nearly all my luck.
I didn't have to try.
But yesterday is gone,
and now I need an alibi.
If this gets any stranger things are gonna change.
'Cause I can't stand the music, always lying.
If that's what it takes I'll do it (I'll do it).
I'll keep on right on through it (on through it).

So please believe me when I say,
I wouldn't give the time of day.
Because then I'd be faking,
when I could tell the truth.
Were you abandoned in your youth?
Because if not, you will be soon.
I'm growing tired of waiting,
for you to say goodbye.