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Neil Young

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When I Watch You Sleeping (Solo)

Neil Young

When I watch you sleeping
There is nothing that you hide
When I smell you breathing
There is a sweetness from inside

And when I feel you stirring
And the day is about to brake
Outside wings are warring
And the skies are there to take

I wonder how I got so close to you
And see the chances that you take
Without thinking I am going there too
These are the promises you make
When your eyes are blinded by love
And the history of fate

When I hear you burn
Like a kitten and a lion
And I feel your softness
How you got in without trying

Then you role and tumble
With your dreams still holding on
And I hear that rumble
In the stomach of the dawn

Today I paint my masterpiece
Tonight I trace my tears
Thinking through my path to you
And where I stumble through the years

Today I paint my masterpiece
Tonight I trace my tears
Thinking through the road I took to you
And how I stumble through the years

That's when I knew I never had hold you down
Repeating all roads and fears

Now the crows are calling
And the blackbirds sing in my ear
You got one eye open
And I am smiling through my tears

But you will never see that
They are inside with my fears
In a place that's fading away
Taking on the years

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