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Neil Young

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Horseshoe Man

Neil Young

In the land of the broken hearted
People lookin' for the horseshoe man
They've been picking up little pieces
They've been puttin' 'em all in his hand

And the way the story started
Two lovers long ago
Took a vow to live with heart break
Took a chance but how could they know love

How could they know love
Love, how could they know love

Horseshoe man's been working his magic
Fixin' heart break everywhere
He's the one we all can count on
When we're lost and don't know where love is

He takes the pieces in his hand
And shakes 'em up like he doesn't care
He says there will always be heart break
Because love is everywhere

Love, I don't know about love
Love, I don't know

Love don't care if you're wrong or right
Love don't know if you're black or white
Love ain't lookin' for perfection
Love's the answer
Love's the question

Love, I don't know about love
Love, I don't know
Love, I don't know about love

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