Neil Young

Palm trees and shit man (OK)
Palm trees (here we go) and humid weather

It was like a town in Florida in the fifties you know
I don't know, there's a lot of white buildings
They were really white. I could see them
They were about seven or eight stories tall

All the people were walking around
And it just looks so good, you know
They all had, uh, blue dresses and nice pants on
You know they're all of them are drinking pop

From you know with straws in the bottles
Things were lookin' you know, sun was shining so bright
Downtown looked incredible, I couldn't believe it
There was gliders flyin' around in the sky

These guys flying around in gliders, you know
And they'd swoop between the buildings and they
They go down the alley ways, you know
And make a sharp left and a sharp right
And uh, it's like they, I couldn't believe
It was really happening you know

So I said, you know, "I don't believe this. This isn't real"
And just as I said that, this guy in the glider
Was coming right through the center of town
And he ran into the building in the middle of town

Fifteen story high building, right in the center of town
He started tumbling through the air, you know
And his glider crashed in the alley and, uh
I noticed this couple on the, uh, on the parking lot

And, uh, they, they were just walking together
In conversation you know like nothing
Else was happening and, uh, looking up
They noticed a tumbling man coming through the air

And uh, he, he came right down and landed
Right on them and made and awful sound and, uh—
I ran over there, I could see that they
Were really gone, you know

But on the ground beside them was this little baby, dressed in— it just had a red blanket wrapped around it, so I picked it up and took it to my car over on the corner which wasn't too far away and put it in the back seat
I don't know if it was a boy or a girl; I didn't look, I just put it down
It was sleeping and I looked and a crowd had gathered on a parking lot
This beautiful lady was coming down the street and I looked at her
And she looked right at me and she said
"That's my baby in the back of your car there"
I said "Oh no, that baby belongs to that, to that dead couple on the parking lot"
And she said "No, no you're wrong, you're wrong
What happened to them?"