Just To Be With You

Muddy Waters

On a ship that's made of paper
I will sail the seven seas
Fight a shark with a toothpick
Crawled home to you on my knees
There ain't nothin' baby I wouldn't do, sugar
Oh yeah baby, just to bring you home with me

I would rise up with the devil
Oh yeah, I would breathe smoke and fire
Or say were I on a tightrope
Walk a canyon on a wire
Just to kiss your sweet lips, honey
Oh yeah baby you know you're my desire

If a shark bought/bite off my leg
Oh baby and the sea were turned to sand
Turn my po' self over darlin'
Crawl home to you on my hands
There ain't nothin' nothin' I wouldn't do baby
Oh yeah, oh yeah baby, just to be with you

Give up all of my money
Whoa, oh baby, I'd sleep right down on the floor
Call my mother-in-law honey
Whoa, oh I'd work for you 'til I got sore
I would do anything for you baby
Oh yeah, oh yeah, just to get you home once more