Copper Brown

Muddy Waters

She that kind of color brown
And her hair hang down like a willow tree

Yeah you know she shake like jelly
When she walkin' up and down the street

Yeah you know in the moonlight her body
You know sure looks good to me

Yeah you know I take her to the country
And the pigs begin to squeal

Yeah you know who watches that short dress
That was hittin' her right in the bend of her knee

Well you know the two little shoes danglin' on her feet, sayin'
This woman must be Japanese


Yeah you know I laid down last night
I was tryin' hard to get a little sleep

Well you know she was playin' in the bed
Like a fox squirrel in a tree

Well you know she was huggin' and kissin'
And climbin' all over me


Well you know I like to talk to this woman, boys
You know I just love to see her smile

Yeah you know I like to watch her when she sleepin'
Woman, woman you one little pretty child

Well you know I keep close watch over this little girl, people
I don't want her to make me cry