Slave 4 U

Mr. Jam

me and my friend mister Jam ...
we are slaves for you, girls!
Let's do it!

shake your booty goody
freak out your bum-bum!
shake your booty goody
freak out your bum-bum

I've got me locked up in chains
It fells like you just don't want me
your pleasure it's to see me in pain
your wish will be my command now

I give it, up, girl
I'll be your slave boy
I'll make it smooth
I'm gonna make you nice and easy
gimme some action
I'm your possession
no other one can make you came with satisfaction


It's fire, leh-re-leh-reh-leg-reh

Obsession leh-re-leh-reh-leg-reh

and now ... I'm your slave

Ooh-ooh,ooh-ooh ooh
I'm a slave for you!