Sexy Sexy Lover

Modern Talking

Oh I´m looking on the same old star
I´ll be there fot you - but you´re so far
Please come back to me - I can´t love a memory
You´re the nearest thing to heaven girl
Baby just for you, I´ll fly around the world
Oh everything I´ll do, I do just for you

My sexy, sexy lover, oh tell me there´s no other
There´s no other, oh deep in your heart
My sexy, sexy lover, I wanna be your cover
There´s no other, who´s breaking apart
Oh my sexy little lover, swear there is no other
I´ll feel alone, when I´m coming home
Oh, my sexy little lover, tell me there´s no other
When I´m down, need you all around

I´m not a man, who wants to be alone
I can´t love you at the telephone
Oh baby you and I, we´re flying one mile high
Oh nobody knows, how I feel tonight
I would die for you, if you´re by my side
More than you will know, oh babe my love will grow