Big Spender

Missy Elliott

When I rap I'll be shakin 'em
Every song that I write dj beggin 'em
So u say that I'm wack, u be playin 'em
Got fararis and cribs and y'all hated 'em
Nothin to say to him
I out rated him and my flow for sure out dated him
Yes u wer number 1 coz u payin them
I'll be checkin the skate u skatin' 'em (who ya foolin man)
Be conspicuous, how I ride in this thing is ridiculous
Me and Timothy y'all can't get rid of us
I got aspirin for when y'all get sick of us, down ur asophigus
U ain't stoppin me, u all just watchin me like a pornography
U all say y'all u ain't mad, but u just gotta be
Coz the dough that u spend is funopoly(owww)
Fake spender

Hey Big Spender......
.....spend a little time with meeeeee

Life is fiction, I got a bad curse, an addiction(f you)
Scuse ma diction
If u screw with ma man i got big guns
I got good sence, now reach in your pocket, its full of lint
Thats why y'all don't like me, its evident
Cause the rumours just spread, and they're relevent(triiiicks)
With my third eye, u can't knock the game even if u try
U sleepin on me is a rock-a-by
Split additude, like they gemini, playa give me my
With the five mites
Coz spendin my money is my right
Knuckle up coz motha suckers is my time
Coz iv bin in this game
U just in ur prime
Big Spender

Hey Big Spender......
.....spend a little time with meeeeee

Its contagious
My flow come in all type of flavas
Y'all haters just well we ain't neighbours
Coz my fans scream lyk they in labour(owwwww)
I dnt know y'all iv been rockin the show way before y'all
And im hotter thn hot i take no calls
If u think this is hot then go wack off(ooohooohooh)
To my real fans who support me and play me in caravans
To evry women and evry man
No disrespect, im just chillin maaaaaan
This is open mike, u know missy always got to keep it tight
U know tht i knows wat u alls like
Fake thugs with no dough u ain't livin right
Fake spender

Hey Big Spender......
.....spend a little time with meeeeee