Should Have Known Better


So many years i just suffered through the tears
Knowing one day i'd wake up wishing i had never met her
But as the time goes by my hope keeping playing every day
As i laugh to myself, 'i just should have known better'

There's no more laughter as i think about the other girl
It's a slap in my face as i'm opening her letter
She's doing fine now with two kids and another man
As i cry out loud, 'i just should have known better'

She was the reason i was living every day
I would ride upon a white horse in my quest to try and find her
But now it's too late, i don't care if i die tonight
Cos a voice keeps ringing in my heart, 'i should have known

I learned my lesson this time
Lonliness and a broken heart
Should've known right from the start