In My Bed


(D)I see you over there,
(D)Giving me the stare,
(D)I'm playing with my hair
(D)As if i just don't even care

(A)I like the way you look tonight
(A)and i think i just might
(M)Let you take a little bite
(M)Cause i think you're out of sight.

(M)I want you in my bed,
(M)I want you in my bed
(D)You heard what i said, boy
(A)I want you in my bed

(A)I know you must be shy,
(A)Because im just so hot,
(A)But if you would just try
(A)I know you'll hit the spot

(M)So you must be the kind
(M)Who does this all the time.
(D)But i have to let you know
(D)Thats not how i tend to roll


(M)You seem like you're a special guy
(M)I want to make you mine,
(M)So come on take my hand
(M)I want you to be my man


(D)I'm really not this blunt
(D)But i know you want my junk
(A)I'm just trying to keep it real
(A)And tell you how i really feel

(chorus) 2x