Moses (feat. French Montana & Chris Brown)


[Intro: Travi$ Scott]
I just got back from the hmm
I told her be back soon
I don’t really wanna go

[Hook: Chris Brown]
I told her hold it down
She fucking with the plug, told her “come over now"
Where are all my bitches tonight?
Bring me some more bitches tonight
Yeah, I bought a hunnid rounds
She asking for fifty, threw a hunnid thou
Where are all my bitches tonight?
Bring me some more bitches tonight
Yeah, I’m feeling like Moses
I’m all in the ocean, I’m parting, divided up in it like Moses
She switching the motions and making them faces just like an emoji
Pineapple Fanta, it mixed with the Xanax, she loving the codeine
All of my killas, they ready to follow me, I feel like Moses

[Bridge 1: French Montana & (Chris Brown)]
Got a hunnid bitches with me, feel like (Moses)
Got a hunnid killas with me, feel like (I feel like Moses)
I got a yacht on the water, feel like
Got a hunnid bad bitches, feel like (Moses)

[Verse 1: French Montana]
Feeling like Kobe, sipping and drinking, I'm feeling like Kobe
Sipping and drinking, that yellow and purple, I'm mixing that codeine
Look at the top of my Audemar, look at them bitches, they wall to wall
Look at my niggas they all in, you know them niggas don't call a lot
Look at the Benz, look at them niggas, they looking depressed
Came with her friends, throwing them bags, that Mitchell & Ness
Young cold nigga, mouth full of gold teeth
Fuck nigga talking 'bout nigga? You don’t know me, huh

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Look at the presi', fuck with the Rollie and move like the president
This shit depressing, feeling like Moses, I'm giving them lessons
Skinny, tatted with the blue hair and the gold teeth
I don’t run from woop woop, shit fuck the police


[Bridge 2: Quavo & (Chris Brown)]
What you feel like (Moses)
What you feel like? (I feel like Moses)
What you feel like? Uhh, yeah (Moses)

[Verse 3: Quavo]
Feeling like Moses, pipe with the water, I cause a commotion
Lil' mama said she wet, she wetter than an ocean
I pull up on you, rub up on you like some lotion
You might call me Sniper way a nigga scoping

[Verse 4: Offset]
When she get on her knees it’s for numbers
When it come to trapping I give you the formula
Cuban links hang on my neck like the ornament
Fuck on your bitch, I give her back, don’t want the bitch

[Verse 5: Takeoff]
Grabbing it fast shit it’s magic
Two snow bunnies call ‘em Mary Kate & Ashley
Keep it on me, quick to shoot a three
Like Dirk Nowitzki from the Dallas Mavericks

[Verse 6: Quavo]
She said she wanna fuck with a real nigga
She said she wanna go to war and kill with him
50 bottles in the VIP, 50 models
Momma told me watch for the snakes and koalas

[Hook] + [Bridge 2]