Go Away (feat. Woop) (Remix)


[Verse 1: Woop]
OK, they fuck with you Woop
Cause I live real life in this shit
And yes I hit sacks for the cheese
Just like some mices and shit
All of my niggas too loyal
Remember the Titans and shit
And we don't put on for these niggas
You will be just a stripe in this bitch
All of my niggas bout checks
Just like some stipends and shit
And I go off the top
Ain't no need to writin' this shit
They say my bitches be dyking
Low key I be likin' that shit (I love it)
Cause I'm just gone dick down this bitch
And then you gone wife the lil bitch
When I'm fresh off of a sack
I put some ice on my wrist
And all of my niggas hot boys
So don't bring no ice in this bitch
I ain't nothing like you
You quit that fightin and shit
I'll come looking for you
With hunters and rifles and Sshit
With ashes on bibles and shit
With mags with the silence and shit
Yeah you be talking that talk
But you ain't bout that violence and shit, no
All of my niggas real niggas
So I fall back with my clique
Cause every Glock here gotta dick
Cause every Glock here gotta dick

[Verse 2: Takeoff]
Niggas they fuck with young Takeoff
I'm in the kitchen cooking, let's have a bakeoff
Trappin narcotics illegally
The block is hot, so I'm checking my radar
Momma told me that the haters started
Ever since a nigga was in kindergarten
I dreamed to get a Porsche and valet park it
I know I'm a lick, talking walking target
Let a nigga think he see me slipping
I'ma hit the nigga when he least expect it
Heavenly father he watch over me with them angels
So I know I'm well protected
Sneaking and geeking, I'm geeking for weekends
Wake up in the morning and say my blessings
And I don't drink Actavis just to be cool
Doctor prescription sipping, that's my medicine
Smoking on cookies from the bag, no pelican
Ain't talking bout money nigga you irrelevant
They gone talk regardless I don't give a fuck
They love when you down but hate when you up

[Hook: Woop]
You a hustler, lil nigga?
Or a customer, lil nigga?
You gonna fuck with us lil nigga?
Get your muscle up lil nigga
We be roughing Up lil niggas
We be touching up lil niggas
We don't fuck with them lil niggas
Cause they be hating like fuck niggas
Make all my haters go away (x4)
But it feel better when they hate

[Verse 3: Quavo]
Feel better when they hate
Make'em eat the cake like Anna Mae
On the block gotta make some change
Or in the kitchen whipping earth quake
One zip of kush call it light weight
Got a pound of that gas it's a heavy weight
State to state drop the pack off
Don't give a fuck what a hater nigga got to say
I just might blast ya
My guns do magic like abracadabra
Quavo the huncho, the king whatever you call me better say master
Shout to my nigga Woop
He tellin' you 'bout these fuck niggas they fools
Down in Miami they shot up the Sprinter
For nothin' we bulletproof
I got a question "what you pressing for"
Pussy nigga get ya issue ho
Pull up with the 100 rounds throwing
Everybody screaming geronimo!

[Hook: Woop]

Verse 4: Offset]
You thought that a nigga wouldn’t make it
I know that you really want to switch places
Grandma say talk to the lord and use prayer
Walked on my patio seen all them acres
Im a hustler nigga my nigga from the North
Don't fuck with you niggas
Hit em with the choppa and then uppercut a nigga he talkin like he know me I don’t even know the nigga
Haters everywhere you go you rockin' diamonds and the gold
Dis one for my niggas with eggbeaters and the dope bowls
Gas so loud get deaf like Sosa
Offset come through dabbin' do the most
You niggas really never seen the bricks on the boat
Sippin' Actavis up out a Jones cream soda
Just bought the Lamborghini the trunk got the motor
Talkin' bout you bout it but you not even a soldier
Niggas be acting like bitches
Don’t got the ambition to go and get Benjis
Walk around the whole city your pockets on empty you don’t got a dollar you gotta be kidding me!