Goodnight America (Album Version)

Mary Chapin Carpenter

I’m standing at a traffic light somewhere in West LA
Waiting for the sign to change then I’ll be on my way
The noise, the heat, the crush of cars just robs me of my nerve
And someone yells and blasts their horn and pins me to the curb

I’m a stranger here
No one you would know
My ship has not come in
But I keep hoping though

And I keep looking past
The sun that sets above
Saying to myself
Goodnight America

And I’m driving into Houston on a rain slicked Texas road
Land so flat and sky so dark I say a prayer to float
Should all at once the Sanasito surge beyond it’s banks
Like Noah reaching higher ground I’d offer up my thanks

Cause I’m a stranger here
No one you would know
I’m just passing through
I am therefore I go

The moon rose in the east
But now it's right above
As I say aloud
Goodnight America

It’s hard to see the stars out on a highway near Atlanta
Full of strip malls and used cars

First light,
Just roll your window down
And smell the salty air perfume of Charleston town

I’m looking with a pilgrim’s eyes upon some promised land
And dreaming with my heart outstretched as if it were my hand
And I’ll hit the cross Bronx just in time to beat the rush hour lock
I’ve got no clue what time it is from this world’s busted clock

I’m a stranger here
No one you would know
I’m from somewhere else
Well isn’t everybody though

I don’t know where I’ll be
When the sun comes up
Until then, sweet dreams
Goodnight America