Safe In The Arms Of Love


You say my heart's an open book
There are pages of my life you've never seen
You're always there between the lines
But there's so much more you just can't seem to read
Pieces of dreams
Pull us our separate ways
But we'll return someday

So let the wind blow
'Cause my heart knows
We were meant to be together from the start
When the stars shine
Over one sky
I'll have faith
I'll be safe in the arms of love

Oh, yeah

You take me to another world
It feels so natural, so right
Then we awaken to reality
'Cause we both know that now is not the time
Under your spell
I'll never be all that I can
But I'll come back again

(Repeat Chorus)

I'll have faith
What's mine is mine
And no one can take it away from me
I believe that in the end
We'll never have to be apart again

(Sax Solo with Ad-Libs)

(Repeat Chorus)