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Veni Vidi Vici (feat. Nas)

música e letra


[Intro: Nas]
Madonna, life is so crazy
You've been through a lot
I'll tell you a story sometime, you know

[Verse 1: Madonna]
Seemed like yesterday, I was a baby on the street
I took a holiday, I was steppin to the beat
I had to pay my rent, on the lower east side
I threw my tag around, let B-boys take me for a ride
I started writing songs, I kinda got into the groove
They tried to criticize my every single move
But then I realized I had nothing left to lose
It took me by surprise when I became the news

[Chorus: Madonna]
I was fearless like a renegade
I had a feeling that I can't explain
I didn't listen to what people said
I came, I saw, I conquered

I was constant as a northern star
I had a fire burning in my heart
I never gave up fighting in the dark
I came, I saw, I conquered

I came, I saw, I conquered
I came, I saw, I conquered

[Verse 2: Madonna]
(Talk to 'em, talk to 'em)
I expressed myself, came like a virgin down the aisle
Exposed my naked ass, and I did it with a smile
And when it came to sex, I knew I walked the borderline
And when I struck a pose, all the gay boys lost their mind
I justified my love, I made you say your little prayer
Had me crucified, you know I had to take it there
I opened up my heart, I learned the power of good-bye
I saw a ray of light, music saved my life (music saved my life)


[Verse 3: Nas]
In 1994, I came through the door
With that born beats versus scratches
Verbally murdered rappers
My mom's from the Carolina's, pops from Natchez
And QB's where I started flowing
But I was scared the cops was gonna kick my apartment door in
Had a baby girl by a crazy girl, then I got married
Heavily accosted, that ended in a bad divorce
And I know how to pick 'em, don't I?
Never gave a fuck about public pressure
Or the ridicule I'm too big to lose
Now who's the fool?
And I ain't never been happier, no lie
I'm just your humble servant, I'm Nas
If y'all burn down Ferguson, I'ma riot
My life cannot be compared to anybody
Any trapsters, and rappers
Any politicians, beauticians, a musician
Anybody, so I'm anybodies
Many coffins, heads or tails
Penny tosses, we either dead or in jail
Not many options on the block I came from
And I turned to a rap messiah, spit rapid fire
And I roll right back to the block I came from


[Outro: Nas]
Madonna on the track
Nas in the back