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Inside Of Me


I can't stop thinking of you
the things we used to do
The secrets we once shared
I always find them there in my memories

But this heartache is'nt going anywhere
If in public eye
I act like i don't care

When there's no one watching me
I'm crying,
I'll always have you inside of me
Even know you're gone

Love still cares one
Love.. Inside of me
I keep a picture of you
Next to my bed at night
And when i wake up scared
I know i'll find you there

Watching over me
I'll always have u inside of me
Even know you're gone
love still cares one
Love inside of me..

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Bedtime Stories
Album: Bedtime Stories
Gravadora: Sire/Warner Records
Ano: 1994
Faixa: 5
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