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I Love New York


I don't like cities, but I like New York
Other places make me feel like a dork
Los Angeles is for people who sleep
Paris and London, baby you can keep

Baby you can keep (repeat 8x)

Other cities always make me mad
Other places always make me sad
No other city ever made me glad
Except New York
I love New York
I love New York
I love New York

If you don't like my attitude, then you can F-off
Just go to Texas, isn't that where they golf?
New York is not for little pussies who scream
If you can't stand the heat, then get off my street

Get off my street (repeat 8x)


(Get off my street) (repeat 15x)

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Confessions on a Dance Floor
Album: Confessions on a Dance Floor
Gravadora: Warner Records
Ano: 2005
Faixa: 5
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