Get Back


Ludacris - Get Back

Hands Up! Hands Up! Here's another one.. and a.. and
a.. another one.

(Ee-Ee Whoo-Whoo) Why you all in my ear? Talkin' a
whole bunch a sh*t that I ain't tryin to hear. Get
Back! You don't
know me like that. Get back! You don't know me like
(Ee-Ee Whoo-Whoo) I ain't playin' around.. Make one
false move, I'll take you down. Get back! You don't
know me like
that. Get back motherfucker! You don't know me like

[Verse 1]
So, so, come on, come on. DON'T get swung on, swung
on. It's the knick-knack-patty-whack still riding
cadillacs. Family
off the streets, made my homies put the baggies back.
(Whoo!) Still snaggin' plaques (yep), still
action-packed (yep), and
dope.. i keep it flippin' like acrobats. That's why I
pack a mack, that'll crack a back, cause on my waist,
there's more
heat than the shaq-attack! But I ain't speakin' about
ballin', jus' thinkin' about brawlin' 'til y'all start
ballin'. We
all in together now, birds of the feather now, jus'
bought a plane so we change in the weather now. So put
your brakes on,
cats put your capes on, and knock off your block, get
dropped, and have your face blown. Cause I'll prove
it, scratch off
the music, like hey little stupid, don't make me
looose it!


[Verse 2]
I came (I came), I saw (I saw), I hit him right dead
in the jaw (in the jaw). [x4]

See I caught him with a right hook, caught him with a
jab, caught him with an upper cut, kicked him in his
ass. Sent him
on his way cause I ain't for that talk, and no trips
to the county.. I ain't for that walk! We split like 2
pins at the
end of a lane, we'll knock out your spotlight and put
indian fangs. Holding DTP pinned at the end of yo'
chain, and put
the booty of a swish at the end of a flaamme.


[Verse 3]
Hey, you want WHAT with me?! I'm gonna tell you one
time, don't F*CK with me! Get down! Beat his ass..
ain't got nothin'
to lose, and i'm havin a bad day, don't make me take
it out on you! [x2]

Maann, cause I don't wanna do that. I wanna have a
good time and enjoy my drink.. sit back and watch some
women get drunk
as hell, so I can wake up in the morning with a story
to tell. I know it's been a little while since I've
been out the
house, but now I'm here.. you wanna stand around
runnin' yo' mouth? I can't hear nothing you sayin' or
spittin', so what's
up? Don't you see we in the club?, man shut the f*ck


Ah! We in the red light district!
Ah! We in the red light district!
Whoo! We in the red light district!
Ah! We in the red light district!
Whoo! We in the red light district!
Whoo! The red light district!
Whoo! The red light district..
Ah! The red light district..