Everybody Wants to Be Someone Else


I breathe you in,
I exhale and let you go and you are gone again, like everything.
I make believe,
And I live in a world that I have created, but I'm over it.

Love is dead, cos I said so,
Do you believe me though?
I've seen hell and it looks like here and anywhere you are.
If there's no God, then there's nothing to fear.
Life is a simple thing,
Waste your time and make an example of yourself.

Everybody wants to be someone else.

Thick and thin,
I've been through it all and I know I'll go back again, I'm still the same.
And I would murder life,
Oh if I could only get my hands on it,
Oh the things I would do...

Is love dead? Cos I don't know.
At least that I think so,
I've seen heaven and it's not like here or anywhere you are.
Is there no God? Is there nothing to fear?
Life's not a simple thing,
I waste my time and I make an example of myself.

Everybody wants to be someone else.

Dare to dream and feel alive,
Then maybe there will come a time where you're not lonely in your life,
These green eyes have seen better days,
I know the person next to me, feels exactly the same way because.

Everybody wants to be someone else.