The New Transmission


you take, take, take all my time all my company
take everything from me
fake, fake, fake, all these things that you say to me
nothing that i wanna believe
i think that the time has come to set it straight
i need to change this frequency
'cause everyone just says the same old things to me


you shred a crowd
it drags me down
'cause there's no sun when you're around
you act, just lie, just leap and slide
i know i just want you to fade out
static in my stereo, man!
fade out a new transmission is we go!

say, say, say anything that you want to me
i'll still not gonna agree
i'm not gonna be, be a part of this
i'm not what you want me to be
because i need some time to set this straight
i'm gonna follow everything i see
to everyone to say the same old things to me