Hello Again


Hello again
Why so old
Wasn't time your friend
I must be told
Hello again
It seems so long
Since we last met
How has it gone.

Don't accept the blame
I would, I would not complain
Cause I'm sure it wasn't your own fault
That you never made it out your vault
Just lock the door and find some time
To scream, To scream again.

Just say when
And you'll stop the pain
Of your life
Bring it to an end
Just say when
And you could make amends
Just say hello, Say hello again.

Hello again
It's not that hard
No dead ends
Even with the scars.

You have no home
You lost your throne
Where has it gone
Well it could all come back
But you're being led
By the walking dead
You stumble and you crack the ground
You're pinned down.

Hello again (4X)
It's not the end if you just say hello again.