Finishing Touch

Lorrie Morgan

I've got one more nail to polish
A little red ribbon to add to my hair
He'll be glad he left work early
When he sees what waiting at the top of the stairs
Silk and satin in his favorite colors
"Come and get me" written on my face
Dancing around in this pretty French apron
I'm gonna do whatever it takes
I'm puttin' on the finishing touch
I want him to know that I love him this much
Gettin' ready for him give me such a rush
I'm puttin' the finishing touch
Could've stopped off at the local bakery
Instead I stayed home and iced him a cake
Might even tease him a little
With the tip of my finger, give him a taste
Got a little bottle of perfume
The one that he bought me
I know that he likes
It'll leave no doubt when I blow out the candles
That I'm all his for the rest of the night
I'm puttin' on the finishing touch
A little attention is never enough
Getting ready for him gives me such a rush
Oh, I'm puttin' on the finishing touch
The finishing touch