Life Is Good


I know that I got it yeah we got it over here
I know that I got it yeah we got it all here
Just me and my homies livin' life over here
Couple bad bitches down to ride oh yeah,
I know that I got it if I take my time,
I know that I got it everything will be fine,
Couldn't wait to get it now we got it over here,
Couldn't wait to get it now we got it oh yeah.

Tell me what you know about the come up,
While you at the party I be working 'til the sun up, yeah
I just wanna live my life, and give you everything that I can give all right, all right
Me and my homies live in Hollywood, but that don't mean we hollywood
And if I could reply to everything, hell yeah you know I probably would
Live life 'til I overdose I said it once, had to say it dos
I remember living at Mary Jo's, now I'm living like pharaohs
I, work like a slave, live like a king
Cause in the end I promise money ain't a thing

I just wanna do it right
I just wanna go tonight
Getting lost in the city lights, getting lost in the pretty lies
Yeah, shout out to Maryland, shout out Chicago
Shout out beautiful women that follow where I go,
Cause I know I got no time for these fake hoes and these fake rhymes
We live it up and it's great times,
Always on my mind this is real life,
Okay I guess this is what it feels like
Just me and my homies do you realize?
This the type of shit I used to prohisize
Eyes on the real though
All ya'll probably back down on the real low,
I switched it up the day I got a deal yo,
But I'm bringing that real flow
And of course a little bit of melody guess I got the appeal though
But don't ever think I'll be sacrificing with the skill though,
I said I'm bringing that real flow,
I 'membing coming up real po
Let me bring it down real slow

Oh yeah, oh yeahhh, oh yeah.