Bambina (Ao Vivo)


Bambina ritorna alla casa
Papa'd say eat soja-beans
And put in your hard-time jeans
He'd shoot me up to go to school
Then give me pills to keep me cool.
Bambina ritorna alla casa
I was eight, I felt out of shape
I guess I needed something to get straight
The casual-capsule was the only scape.
Though papa thought it was disgusting to take.
Bambina ritorna alla casa
Dad got shocked, red and green
"What the neighbors think seeing you clean"
I ran away on a foggy day,
Met E.T., feeling just like me.
Bambina, ritorna alla casa.
He took me up to the martian meadows
Where now my nu-nuclear plant grows
Happy with my Hologram-home,
My youngest baby-clone, papa talks
on the T.V. Phone
Bambina ritorna alla casa
Bambina guarda la macchina