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Nobody Like You

Limp Bizkit

I'm convinced that you hate (that you hate)
You hate me, you like (you like)
You like to see my cry
It's already a proven fact
That you hate and you wait on me to die

It's so scary
I find it hard to confide
I will make you see it my way
You give, I take
You say you want to be away from me

You bring me
I got the reason and I want to now
Take me down
I got the reason and I want to know

I'm convinced that you fucked me
Real good, you did (you did)
But I won't let it go
I got my reasons and I'm not leavin'
Soon I wait on you to lie

Please take this time for me
To be unforgiving
I give my life to you
I lay my life on a line for you
For you, for you, for you


I got no reason
No fucking reason
I got no reason...

capa do álbum Significant Other de Limp Bizkit
Album: Significant Other
Gravadora: Interscope
Ano: 2008
Faixa: 7
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