Douche Bag

Limp Bizkit

One for the tremble.
Two for the bass
Three get ready, let's rock this place!
Jumping out the cock pit
On my rock ship
Stocked with the hot shit
All you high pitched bushwick bandits
Fucked up
Cause my ship just landed
I'm cracking them bones
Cracking them high-hats
Straight to the dome
With the modified
Flex double feature
Came here to eat ya
After I teach ya
You can never make it
Or escape from my snake pit
Pure venom to eliminate fake shit.
Hissin', pissin' blood
Two more fangs in the necks of you lifeless thugs.
No way I'm gonna sit back
I'm gonna cut the chit-chat
Break off your kit kat
Suckers can't seem to get
Then this attack
I'ma showin' up
To take you to your motherfuckin...