Shit Stain

Lil Wayne

Tunechi, uhh...
Walked in the bank like my shit don't stank
Bitch I'm from New Orleans, everybody ain't saints
Pockets never empty, Weezy F full tank
Try to check me and I'mma leave that check blank
Tongue kiss that pussy make that woman have convulsions
I'm in this bitch throwin' up blood like a ulcer
Real nigga like a motherfuckin' slave
I R.I.P. these niggas, like a page
Umm, hello, how you doin', sir?
Dr. Carter M.D., that's mur-der
Bitches ain't shit and niggas ain't either
Bad bitches I get achoo like sinus
These niggas is fake like a bosom
And everybody's on edge until you push 'em
Haha, but the pleasure's all mine
Cause on my watch I'm the greatest of all time

And I don't know how fake feel nigga
Cause all my life I've been a real nigga
All my life I've been a real nigga
Don't fuck up my night, I'm like
What's poppin'? What's your friend name?
What y'all drinkin' on? Come get a oil change
I brung my AK, I'm on my "A" game
Bitch I'm a a-hole, leavin' shit stains

I'm a asshole, but I don't give a shit
Like a hard dick I'm in this bitch
I'm sharp, I'm cold - icepick
Top off the Maybach - nice tits
I'm from Hollygrove, I used to hang with Elz
I make them bitches *Inhale noise*, they waitin' to exhale
I'm on some gangsta shit, knock your head off
Bark up my tree, that's a dead dog
Where them hoes at? Tell 'em I said "what's up?!"
I like a shaved pussy, no razor bumps
I got that paper bitch, come get a paper cut
Don't gamble in that pussy not even lady lucks
I make 'em straighten up and fly right
When life hands you lemons find the limelight
Yea, and the pleasure's all mine
Cause on my watch I'm the greatest of all time

Uhh, I like my alcohol straight bitch
I can't stop stuntin' I need my brakes fixed
Yea I'm on that shit like a fuckin' maggot
On the road to riches, you niggas stuck in traffic
Stomp a nigga out, keep the party goin'
Kick them hoes out if them hoes annoyin'
But if they friends bad then them hoes could join
I'm bout to shoot a porn I'm castin' broken arm
Got money on my mind, pussy on my agenda
I beat that pink pussy magenta fuck bein' gentle
Man I'm hard, these niggas is simple gun to your temple
I smoke 'til I look oriental high as a window
And I broke these niggas like pencils unaccidental
Bitch I meant to, dick in her dimples lick it I tremble
I swear this shit is mental, fuck it, my rent due
I school your ass and suspend you, you bitch you
It's Tunechi!

Young Mula, baby!