Da Da Da

Lil Wayne

[Lil Wayne - Chorus]
Damn, Damn girl you know you got it going on,
you can see by the way that she walking
you so fine that your body need a body guard,
well I can be your hubby,
ohh your only tenderhonnie(?)
let me beam you up like Scottie,
I got Whitney so (?)

I know you want me,
yeh, give me that monkey,
yeh, that funky monkey,
yeh (that funky monkey)

Da Da da da da
Da da da da da

[Lil Wayne - Verse 1]
Yep, I’m in like flea, Benjamin Frankalin my twin
Yah, If she can’t swim, I gotcha girl sinkin in my Benz.
Backstroke, backstroke, Like Michael Phelps with my backstroke.
Break her off till her back broke, I leave her numb like crack folk.
Then I get to the money, Monday through Sunday. Anxiously like Honey Dew honey.
Menage A watch Honey do Honey and den they do me and I’m glad they done it.
Yah. Im wit D-R-E the n-gga that make beats wit that n-gga C-O-O-L. Cool.
We so mother f-ckin’ cool-er than you.