Nobody (Feat. Meek Mill)

Lil Snupe

Nobody, does it better
Nobody, does it better
They can come closer than close, yeah...
Original they never will be
We’re bumping from coast to coast, yeah yeah...
We just tryna make a sence
Nobody does it better

[Verse 1: Lil Snupe]
Nigga all we do is win, and it just begin
I do this for my mama and my daddy in the pen
And all my real niggas who held it down to the end
When we was hard in the streets, committing all of them sins
I'm tryna make it to the top, nigga
But my haters wanna see me on that block, nigga
Sellin' rocks ‘cause they already know
When I get up in the game, I’mma have this shit on lock, nigga
Life is amazing and at the same time crazy
Niggas that wanna blaze me hate it because I made it
All it took was dedication and some motivation
This ain't happen overnight, I was being patient
I’m thuggin every night, niggas tryna take my life
Out here gettin' this illegal money like this shit is right
I gotta get it, ‘cause I’m tryna get full rich
And I refuse to let my mama lose me to some bullshit


[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
I be having dreams and nightmares, the fiends was right there
My sneaks was scuffed up, I needed them Nike Airs
Them hoes they fronted on me, I needed the right gear
So I started hustlin', money was comin' in
Cocaine, Pyrex, the work start bubbling
Bitches was fuckin' him, niggas turned cousins in
Started seeing niggas around me and I ain't even fuck with them
Lookin' at the door, like "who the fuck let the devil in?"
Coast to coast, we do the most, we toast
Sipping all on that Perrier, started up, ran away
Now we be flyin', G55ers, we levitate
Cutting through time like "make a left at the Heaven gate"
These niggas forever hate, go get it, don’t ever wait
My niggas don’ t hesitate, you’re moving that medal quacker
A dead man, I had a method like I'm Redman
Now these bitches sweatin' on me like a headband