Infected Core


A powerfull agression against your core
crushing of your mind
desolation of your being
next to mortality
the walls listen up your cry
the confrontation with condemination

Born to meet your pain
your soul wants your death
comming from your brain
a tumor that rots in your head
the end of your sanity

And infected core who rejects the cure
open sores, vouices of despair
your control was won by madness
your hate is agony
obsession, affliction, lasting infection

Your tortured face, show your disgrace
nothing has price, all you feel is pain
your body is like mortuary
where disease rules
spittin' blood, endless sacrifice
infected gore

Your body is inert
your heart does not beat
the rats will eat your flesh
the pigs will drink your blood
there's nothing dyrter
nothing more rotten infection