Agonize The Ending


The church preaches disgrace
to it's believers
illusions, morbid hopes
miserables abort miserables

Mankind eats shit of their fake gods
continous suffering of an inferior race
pride of being nothing
to contemplate lies
men who burn their flag
the hunger for the process of impunity

Armies from the darkness
march above our heads
damned are the souls born here
ripped, burned and reduced to dust like children
like a needle preforates an embryo
to be born and to die at sidewalk
agonize the ending
a nation that believes in fake laws

To survive with the high society wishes
power, hunger, corruption,
brothers reject brothers
forgotten lives
raped virgin saints
spit and rotten embryos

Parents kill their sons
opression, fear, maximum violence
blind justice, a territory that dies
little by little
there ain't enought place for so many corps