Bomb Threat


Inpending doom, assassinate
Aggressive drive explodes
Uncontrollable resistance
Parallised dismay
Agenda carried all around
The world is in a shock
terroristic action brutal
Sacrifice and loss

Bombthreat - final warning
No statistic prediction saw it coming
Hateful dedication
Defecate your force and
Panic hits the nation

People keep fighting back
Pushed to the limits in pain
Ready for anything
Now or never laws made to break
People keep fighting back
Movement united by hate
Torether break down the walls
Terrorists blood marks their way
Panic hits the nation

A wave of fear, a psychic shock
Radical impact of the blast
Frightening mayhem, terror, doom
There is nothing you can do
Extremists on a mission
A reawoken scorn
Of a lost civilisation
Against the systems loss of its position